At Ely Tyre Services, we provide service, regas and repairs for your air conditioning system for cars and vans for both R-134A & the new R-1234F Gas.

We check and test your vehicles air conditioning, re-gas it, treat with anti-bacterial treatment plus check your pollen filter to make sure it's working properly as if it needs changing this makes a big difference to your filtered air in the cabin (this will need to be purchased separately), check pipes, and various other parts.

  • Ever wondered when you turn your aircon system on in your car and get a musty damp smell?
  • Did you know that your air conditioning or regas service is not included in standard car servicing schedules?
  • Did you also know that if your air conditioning system isn’t working properly you get poor window de-misting for them frosty mornings?

The chances are you will never of had your air conditioning system serviced, this can result in unpleasant musty smells, cold/flu symptoms increased fuel consumption and a build-up of bacteria.

By having your air conditioning system serviced regularly you can avoid all of these things. We use the latest Unico aircon system service kits and provide a print out that you can keep with your service history booklet.