Explaining dashboard warning lights around Ely, Stretham, Stuntney, Little Downham and Witchford

Most modern cars have one or more Electronic Control Units (ECUs) installed to monitor and manage various electronic systems like Engine Management, Fuel Injection, ABS, Traction Control and Airbags. When a fault occurs in one of these systems, a fault code may be stored in the associated ECU. By connecting your vehicle to our diagnostic system any stored fault codes can usually be viewed and this information (sometimes together with other tests) can be used to diagnose faulty components and enable the correct remedial action to be taken.

Laptop on trolley in front of car with bonnet open, running diagnostics

At Ely Tyre Services we use Launch, Delphi and Crypton Engine Diagnostic Equipment.

Our experienced technicians attach this equipment to your car or van and it then reads the messages stored in the vehicle's ECU(s). These messages help to identify faults or issues in the electronic management systems of your car.

Please call on 01353 669990 for more information or to book your car or van in for an engine diagnostics test.